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/ Bónus 1996 / 2003 and 2017

Bonus Poetry is a mythological journey through a Bonus supermarket based on the Divine Comedy by Dante. You start in Paradiso, the fruit division, go to Inferno, the meat division, end in Purgatorio, the cleaning products. Bonus Poetry became a bestseller, selling more than bestselling novels 1996. It sold out and was recently reprinted (2003) with 33% more poems. Bonus Poetry, 33% more! Bonus Poetry is possibly the most sold book of contemporary Icelandic Poetry.

Bónus is Iceland’s largest supermarketchain. It has an appealing logo, a pink grinning pig on yellow background. Many people think the logo should become our national flag. Bonus poetry was a response to a poetic crisis in Iceland. Media spoke about poetry being dead, books not selling anymore ot not being read. Poets were complaining about the market and consumerism and so on. Bonus Poetry started as a joke or it really started as the beautiful cover and the concept: Breaking all the rules of poetry. Selling out to the market and handling poems as consumer products but not precious jewels of the fragile mind. The poems began to flow and became a book. Cheap poetry for the everyday consumer. Eventually published by Bonus Supermarkets and sold at the counter at an eternal discount price.

Now available in German, translated by Tina Flecken and in Italian and French translated by Walter Rosselli. The English version is coming soon.

Bónus poetry in French, published by Éditions d’en bas.

Bónus Poetry in Italian, published by Nottetempo: